33 Scary Roblox Games You Can Play with Your Friends

Roblox is a fun and well-liked game-playing and game-creation platform, but have you considered how terrifying games may feel in the same environment? Given that, it’s likely that you share our surprise that there are spooky Roblox games.

We acknowledge that this is difficult to fathom, particularly given that Roblox mostly focuses on simulating or playing more funny multiplayer action games for kids to engage with their friends. Usually, the titles and artwork fit better with that atmosphere.

So, if you’d want to experience something unusual today, join us as we talk about some of the finest terrifying Roblox multiplayer games. To learn more about each of the most terrifying Roblox games, keep reading this post.

The 30 Best Scary Roblox Games for Friends to Play (Multiplayer)

Roblox is a gold mine for freely created and planned horror games. There are hundreds of them if one is interested enough to start searching. They’re all excellent horror games with spooky plots, unsettling visuals, and jump scares. Playing these spooky Roblox games doesn’t have to wait until Halloween. Here is a list of the top frightful Roblox games. There are a few single-player games on the list as well, so you may relax by yourself.

1. Complete silence

Dead Silence Roblox

One of the scariest Roblox games, Dead Silence has long been recognized as a terrifying and magnificent experience that has topped lists of the scariest horror films.

  • Based on the horror movie of the same name, Dead Silence puts you in the role of an investigator.
  • Your goal is to learn what happened to Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who is said to haunt the neighborhood.
  • The level design in this horrifying Roblox game will make you afraid to turn around, and the foreboding creaking noises and whispered hush will make sure you leave the lights on when you go to bed.

2. The Lloyd Residence

The Lloyd Residence roblox

The game Lloyd Residence is a good fit for you if you like mythology and eerie tales in your games.

  • Chuck Lloyd, an ancient knight who has been damaged by his previous nightmares and often experiences sleep deprivation, serves as the game’s protagonist.
  • Theoretically, Chuck’s Basement and the Lloyd Residence may be combined into a single game.
  • If you like games where you must solve riddles and find clues, you will also like this one.

3. The House in the Dark

The House in the Dark

The newest horror title on Roblox is yet another exploration-based journey. The horror movie Alone in a Dark House combines story topics, walking techniques, and several jumps scares.

  • You play a private eye sent on a case to a tiny village in the game, which is set in August 1996.
  • While you may think the empty room is empty of anything except furniture, you will find hidden tunnels concealing dreadful secrets. • Your investigation will bring you to a vast mansion full of mysteries, where you will look into a grisly vehicular homicide.
  • Before unraveling the bigger mystery, you must first solve several riddles. Along the way, you’re not by yourself in that mansion. Good luck.

4. Roses


One of the scariest Roblox games is called Roses, and if you like horror movies and adventure games, Roses can be the game for you.

  • Roses, a video game created by Clockwork Entertainment, is unquestionably well-made, with the developers investing a lot of time and effort to improve the user experience.
  • The voice-over, storyline, and even the backdrop objects are all well done.
  • Exclusive to Roblox, Roses is a first-person horror game.
  • You would portray a person who passed away in an institution with Max.
  • Now it’s up to you to find Max in that same old institution.
  • The creators paid special attention to the details, so you will be able to interact with the background objects and props throughout your facility inspection.
  • So, you should check out Roses by Clockwork Entertainment if you have a keen interest in learning new things and like paying great attention to even the tiniest details in video games.

5. Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

One of the scariest Roblox games, Finders Keepers, requires you to work for your thrills.

  • As a paranormal investigator, you have been charged with investigating weird occurrences at a family’s house. You must decipher hints to discover how the family disappeared.
  • You’ll notice these indications in the shape of secret passages and the need to gather discs, but you must be careful since the discs contain a terrible creature that will chase you.
  • A terrific horror mystery game with plenty of jumps scares and ominous noises is called Finders Keepers.

6. SCP-3008


This game is based on SCP-3008, a real-world IKEA store with an unending interior area. Staying alive while exploring the store’s grounds is the game’s primary goal. You’ll be followed by creatures known as the inhuman Staff. You need to gather food and construct bases to protect yourself.

7. Geisha


If you like horror games with embedded urban legends, Geisha is a great choice for your Roblox experiences. Look no further than Geisha for a solitary horror Roblox experience.

  • Geisha will take you back to your youth and is based on the Teke-Take urban legend, although we doubt it was as terrible as the game will be.
  • When you come back, you are surprised to find that your family has disappeared.
  • You do not, however, feel isolated. As though you can get a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn around, nothing is there.
  • In this eerie Roblox game, players will search the strangely quiet home for any hints.

8. The Mimic

The Mimic

One of the scariest multiplayer Roblox games you’ll ever play is The Mimic.

The game is segmented and a horror adventure with single-player and multiplayer possibilities. The Mimic is based on four urban legends and historical accounts from Japan, each with a unique twist.

  • Each chapter will take you and your friends to interesting and spooky regions packed with weird-level designs, surprising loud sounds, and plenty of jump scares. The chapters are disguised as four separate books.
  • Although you may play this Roblox horror game alone, if you don’t want to suffer, we suggest inviting a companion.

9. Bear Alpha

Bear Alpha

In the video game Bear Alpha, you’ll assume the character of a killer bear whose objective is to find and kill every other player within five minutes. Although the bear travels a bit more quickly than the players, the players may still defend themselves by forging weapons. The environment and layout of the game evoke strong feelings. Bear Alpha is one of the spookiest Roblox games you can play with your friends.

10. The Mirror

The Mirror

One of the most dreadful fears in the horror genre is that of mirrors and the horrifying possibilities they hold. The game The Mirror offers you just that to frighten and thrill you.

  • Based on this specific incident, it’s one of the scariest multiplayer Roblox games ever, and it happens in a tunnel full of mirrors.
  • As the player, you must search the surroundings for these countless mirrors.
  • The mirrors, however, hide much more than just your reflection.
  • The Mirror is a Roblox horror game that has to jump scares around every bend and ominous noises throughout.
  • Although you may play this horror game with others, it’s best to play it by yourself if you want to terrify yourself the most.

11. The True Backrooms

The True Backrooms

One of the finest games to play to unwind is The True Backrooms.

  • In The True Backrooms, your only objective is to leave.
  • Find your way through the confusing building you’ve come upon. It won’t be too challenging.
  • Most locations have sufficient illumination. For those who aren’t, you have a flashlight (unless it’s not yet accessible).
  • Pay attention to finding the exit; don’t worry about the sounds.
  • Is the number of hallways too high? Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Impossible. It is impossible to be stranded; you merely woke up in storage space. Right? Even while this game leans more toward psychological suspense and thriller than horror, you’ll still feel uneasy.
  • Your wits will be tested as you scramble to find a way out of The True Backrooms.
  • The sound is essential to solving and finishing this game, so make sure it is on!

12. The zombies of Project Lazarus

The zombies of Project Lazarus

Similar to Call of Duty, Project Lazarus: Zombies also has zombies. It is a survival game featuring rounds, power-ups, and points that may be spent on obstacles and weapons. The objective of the game is to survive the never-ending waves of zombies. The next round will be harder than the one before it. When every player is gone from the game, it is over.

13. Identity Theft (Revised)

Identity Theft

Anyone who liked the maze-like feel of The True Backrooms will love Identity Fraud [Revamp].

  • In this bizarre, asylum-like labyrinth, monsters lurk in every dim corner, and it’s up to you to find out how to escape them.
  • While there are obstacles along the road to keep things interesting (as if being pursued by eerie shadow men wasn’t enough), the real difficulty is figuring out what makes each monster tick.
  • As an illustration, there is a creature that, as long as you maintain a focused stare on him, won’t move or pursue you. You may thus continuously go back to escape, but he will not move.
  • Even if the game’s scenery is just made up of hallways with brick walls and candles, the horrors, suspense, and peculiar sensation of vulnerability make it one of the most terrifying Roblox games that are well worth playing. Your character is vulnerable and without weapons, giving you the shivers.

14. Slender, stop this!

Slender, stop this

One of the most horrific multiplayer Roblox games is called Stop It, Slender!, which is another game inspired by a well-known urban legend.

  • This Roblox horror game tests people’s (players’) ability to find all eight hidden pages buried around the environment. It is based on the horrifying Slender Man.
  • But you’re not alone—the Slender Man is actively looking for you and is a ticking time bomb.
  • The Roblox version of this game does a very good job of recreating the urban legend, complete with a spooky ambiance and a flashlight that likes to flicker.

15. The Horror Lift

The Horror Lift

You’ll start Horror Elevator in an elevator that stops at any one of the 24 possible levels. On each level, players will encounter a different frightening scenario. There may be a maximum of 10 participants in a game. This kind of multiplayer horror Roblox game is quite addictive.

16. Escape from the Killer

Escape from the Killer

The video game Survive the Killer is comparable to Friday the 13th.

  • In this well-known Roblox horror game, players have the option of playing as either survivors or murderers.
  • You must run and hide as a Survivor from the killer who is pursuing you and your friends.
  • You may choose to join together with friends to run or you can hide by yourself.
  • The murderer must eliminate as many players as he can before the victims flee or the timer expires.
  • Survive the Killer, one of the scariest Roblox games, will take you and your friends on a horrifying yet exhilarating trip.

17. The Maze

The Maze

The Maze differs from the other multiplayer terrifying Roblox games on our list from a viewpoint perspective as well.

  • In contrast to other Roblox games’ typical first-person or over-the-shoulder perspectives, you can see everything from top to bottom.
  • The objective is to escape the labyrinth before being discovered.
  • Just bear in mind that every little thing matters, including the signage, the lighting, the music, and the barely audible sounds.
  • Make sure you have some headphones on hand since the designer suggests wearing them for the optimum experience.
  • Even if it’s not nearly as frightful or thrilling as the other games on our list, it’s still a stressful experience!

18. A wolf or another

A wolf or other

The werewolf game on Roblox is called A Wolf or Other. You’ll assume the role of a werewolf, a hunter, or an innocent. The werewolf will be hunted down by the hunter, and the innocents will make every effort to find him. But you must finish it before the full moon, or you will lose. It is more of a party game than it is a horror game.

19. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

You’ll be pleased to learn that the horror game Zombie Attack has zombies, which is a need for any list of horror games.

  • In the Roblox game Zombie Attack, you and your buddies may engage in cooperative zombie shooting action.
  • As one of the survivors, you must battle and subdue as many waves as you can.
  • You have access to new weapons and deadly fights to eliminate them on the highway.
  • On the other side, advancement reveals uncommon zombies and even the enormous Zombie boss, which you must destroy to get further rewards.
  • You can play the retro horror shooter Zombie Attack on Roblox with your friends. It’s loaded with violence and firearms.

20. It Prowls

It Prowls

One of the scariest multiplayer games on Roblox is called It Lurks, and it’s not for the weak of the heart. This scary game is for one person.

  • The concept seems simple enough: Your father is a lovely man who goes grocery shopping, while your older, grumpy brother instructs you to leave your room (but not before reminding you to get to bed by 10).
  • Once you’ve dozed off, the frightening thing starts. The world is pitch-black when you awaken in the middle of the night, and you are by yourself.
  • The only way to begin the game and survive this horrible night is to go down to the basement, which you know is not a smart idea.
  • The pictures aren’t too dark, which is a comfort.
  • Everything is extraordinarily vivid and vibrant! Make sure all of your lights are on, however, just in case. There are many creatures, ominous noises, and jump scares in It Lurks.

21. Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines

The puzzle game Nightmare Mines has a fascinating past. You must go through a series of chambers and tunnels to get to the mine’s core. You will face a different set of challenges in each chamber that you must solve. It is without a doubt one of the best online multiplayer horror games on Roblox that you can play with your pals.

22. Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

This multiplayer game will appeal to lovers of Among Us and Trouble in Terrorist Town.

  • With the same ideas applied to a more ominous environment, Murder Mystery 2 splits players into three teams: Innocents, Sheriffs, and Murderers.
  • As the Innocents squad, you must run and hide from the attacker while trying to identify it.
  • Since they are the only team members with weapons, the sheriffs must work with the innocents to eliminate the killer.
  • The killers must eliminate everyone.
  • Why The terrifying Roblox game Murder Mystery 2 falls in the same category as Among Us.

23. Hello, Neighbor

Hello, Neighbor

The game Hello Neighbor has thrilling missions to your neighbor’s home and several jumps scares (although nothing too terrible). This is one of the finest terrifying multiplayer Roblox games if you like action, thriller, and suspense movies.

  • In the stealth horror game Hello Neighbor, you have to uncover and report your neighbor’s nefarious conduct.
  • As in every stealth game, your primary objective is to survive, defeat your adversary, and escape harm (which is your neighbor).
  • Keep in mind that your neighbor would take great pains to keep his secrets a secret.
  • You must avoid being caught by him with it, otherwise, you will die.
  • Much like any cliche movie, the game would start with your character moving into a new home.
  • As time passes, you’ll begin to notice your neighbor’s peculiar and suspicious behavior.
  • Unlike other horror games, there is no active violence even though it is a stealth game.

24. SCP: Roleplaying

SCP: Roleplaying

SCP: Roleplay, a horror game on Roblox that stands for Secure, Contain, and Protect, has a compelling plot and roleplaying elements.

  • The SCP foundation, which is entrusted with protecting the world against numerous anomalous creatures in the SCP universe, is supported by governments.
  • In SCP, players will have the chance to take on the roles of several SCP characters, including a Class-D SCP, a scientist, a security guard, and others.
  • If the world of SCP has always piqued your interest, here is the ideal time to test it out in the Roblox setting.

25. Total Madness

Total Madness

Five Nights at Freddy’s enthusiasts must see All Insanity.

  • In this game, you will spend around five nights working as an asylum security guard.
  • Because it’s an asylum, people will attempt to harm you while you’re keeping watch.
  • By locking the doors, checking the vents, flashing the windows, and keeping an eye on all the hallways you pass through, you can make sure that you are constantly on guard.
  • Remember that as each night goes by, the challenge becomes harder.
  • Be on the lookout for additional individuals every night, so don’t let your guard down.
  • Just as in FNAF, be prepared for frequent loud sounds and startling moments.

26. The Asylum

The Asylum

The Asylum is a horrifying Roblox game that was made by Eagle Studios, an independent firm that specializes in horror games. The chapters of The Asylum transform players into explorers as they sift around this terrifying, deserted hospital in quest of answers. The second part transports you to a horrific institution nearby, while the first episode gives you a tour of the asylum. Play this spooky Roblox game if you’re game.

27. School History

School History

Another beautifully eerie Roblox game, School History comes from the same creator as The Apartment. If you’ve ever wanted to explore your school after hours, School History by TubPong could just alter your mind.

  • With just light and your wits, you and your friends must uncover the school’s secrets and dangerous reality.
  • In almost complete darkness, explore the school grounds for equipment, keys, and other items that will enable you to open doors and survive whatever lies beyond them.
  • While the music and visuals are both excellent, this game stands out for its mood.
  • There is just the slightest sliver of light to guide you, and it is dark and muddy.

28. Happy Oofday! (Alpha)

Happy Oofday

Happy day, Oof! Is it a reimagining of 2018 original, which frightened Roblox players into playing it?

  • The recently revamped single-player horror Roblox game Oofday has many episodes and an oof theme.
  • A birthday celebration is the subject of the first chapter in the newly published book Oofday.
  • Your friends have invited you to an abandoned yellow mansion to celebrate your birthday, but none of you are aware that the home is haunted by a sinister ghost with a yellow look.
  • Happy Oofday is a chilling Roblox game with a few different endings that might lead you anywhere.

29. Insane Elevator

Insane Elevator

This Roblox horror game somewhat reduces the level of fright so that players of all ages may enjoy it.

  • To join a drawing for different prizes in the game Insane Elevator, participants must board an elevator.
  • You’ll run against murderers like Pennywise, the Clown, Sired Head, and even the Rake.
  • As the player, you must go through several levels and overcome obstacles.
  • This is a multiplayer Roblox horror game, so if you want everyone to be squeezed into the same Insane Elevator, you may add your pals.

30. Breaking Point

Breaking Point

One of the scariest multiplayer Roblox games, Breaking Point, was initially banned for being too disturbing but has now returned and is even more terrifying than before.

  • Players begin the multiplayer murder mystery game on Roblox by sitting at a single table.
  • Everyone in the game wants to get rid of the other players. And the players may do it by taking turns and using weapons.
  • There are many other game versions in Breaking Point, such as Who Did It, in which one person is designated as the killer and the other players must figure out who it is.
  • Breaking Point is one of the top multiplayer terrifying Roblox games to check out.

31. The Rake

the rake

Based on the creepypasta character of the same name, The Rake is a scary Roblox game. You are placed on a map with The Rake, a creepypasta monster that is not at all friendly, in this very popular survival horror game. In a game that takes place in a variety of settings and events, you must survive against the Rake while attempting to save your sanity.

32. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The Roblox horror game The Haunted Imperial Hotel features an abandoned hotel that was shut down after numerous people died as a result of a collapse and strong, unusual emotions.

  • It combines exploration gameplay with horror to let you explore a purportedly haunted hotel full of mysterious mysteries.
  • As the explorer, you must go throughout the structure while avoiding enemies and traps.
  • This horrifying Roblox game is jam-packed with horror and jump scares. If you ever feel lonely, you can always play multiplayer games with your friends.

33. Piggy

piggy roblox

Piggy is a spooky, terrifying game that is accessible on Roblox. Here’s another one for you.

  • Piggy blends horror with logic-solving to leave you frightened and bewildered.
  • To win, you must solve riddles while keeping Piggy, the bad character, at bay.
  • With over 9.1 billion player visits, it is one of the most played and regularly updated games.
  • The game series consists of books and chapters. Piggy is currently reading Chapter 11 of Book 2 as of this writing. Enjoy playing the most current Piggy horror game on Roblox.

You’ll never discover better spooky Roblox games to pass the time than these. Interact with the like-minded community by sharing your gaming experiences in the comments box below. Contact us personally if you have any recommendations for such articles.

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