A Twitch broadcaster who claimed the average pay is $100,000 a year was called “out of touch.”

Adin Ross is a household name on the gaming platform and is often joined by other notable personalities.

However, it seems that mixing with the wealthy and famous has clouded his perception of reality and the average wage in the United States.

Well, the famous streamer had a rude awakening when he and another streamer sat down to play NBA 2K21 and the conversation led to the possibility of upward social mobility.

Social media users may have seen a clip of them speaking about salary.

Ross confidently says: “So the average salary is what, like $100,000?”.

The generous estimate has left his visitor looking at him as if he’s lost it.

“Did you just hear this motherf**ker?” he exclaims in shock.

Ross continues: “What?! What’s the average salary?”

“Bro, probably like, what, 20-30k?” his streaming partner replies, to which Ross hits back: “No way. Shut the f**k up.”

When the other streamer sees this, they point at the screen and say: “Are you f**king crazy? Bro, $30/$40k, bro.”

The conversation then shifts to the reality that Ross, at age 22, is speaking from a position of enormous affluence, but is abruptly cut off before they can go any farther.

Not nearly as much as Adin imagined, the average yearly pay in the US is projected to be closer to $50,000.

In 2021, the average wage across all industries in the United States was slightly over $58,260, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, data from late last year indicated that the typical weekly wage was $1,040, for an annual total of $54,132.

Many viewers have remarked on the streamer’s obvious ignorance of the financial limits faced by the majority of people after the video was released online.

Somebody on Twitter commented, “Adin Ross thinking the average salary is $100,000 is the most out-of-touch and depressing thing I’ve seen today.”

A second person agreed wholeheartedly, saying, “No way Adin Ross believed the average wage was $100,000.”

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