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More than ever, we must now include subtitles in every video we post to social media. Why? 80% of social media videos, according to research, are viewed when muted. You can be alienating a sizable section of your target audience if you don’t add subtitles to your videos.

You are aware that you should add subtitles… But how can you achieve that without wasting a tonne of your valuable time? Using an auto-subtitle generator is the most effective strategy. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent choices available. We’ve also compiled a list of our top 12 to save you even more time!

It can be time-consuming to manually add subtitles to every film you own, particularly if you’re working against the clock and the video is a large length. Naturally, no one would be content to translate every word from a video. An automatic subtitle generator can help here. In addition to saving time, it properly syncs the audio or video with the text to avoid any misunderstandings. You can now finish the task in a few minutes.

Despite how complex the procedure may seem, it is quite simple. You have access to a variety of tools that you can use by following a few straightforward steps to make captions. By utilising automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, any auto caption generator worth their salt can speed up this procedure.


Zubtitle should be at the top of your list if you want your movies to automatically add subtitles. The speech in your video is amazingly accurately transcribed by Zubtitle’s cutting-edge algorithms. Then, with just a few clicks, it converts it to subtitles to quickly and easily prepare your video for social media.

You may save time and money by having your videos automatically subtitled using Zubtitle (plus, it frees you from the frustration of complicated software). Widescreen, square, and vertical videos can all have captions burned right into them. Additionally, you can download the transcriptions in.SRT and.TXT formats.

But Zubtitle does more than just provide automatic subtitles. Additionally, you can use Zubtitle to add catchy top border headlines, swiftly trim your movies, add fun progress bar animations, watermark your films with your logo, and resize/crop your videos to make them suitable for social media.


Another outstanding captioning service is Quicc, a platform made for content producers who want to improve their captioning skills. Branded captions, the generation of SRT files, and other features are available in Quicc. You can receive 5 minutes of free captioning when you create a new account!


An editor and collaboration platform for photos, GIFs, and videos is called Kapwing. They have a subtitler, a meme generator, a movie maker, and other resources. Both the free and premium versions of Kapwing are available for you to use.

Captions generated by YouTube

Using the platform’s natural speech recognition technology to create subtitles automatically will save you time if you’re submitting your videos directly to YouTube. You just need to edit the captions for spelling, grammar, and punctuation once YouTube automatically creates subtitles for your video.

The Automatic Captioning feature on Facebook

When you natively post a video to Facebook, you can add subtitles whenever you choose, similar to the automated captioning service on YouTube. The benefit is that you may post your video directly to Facebook without needing to edit it beforehand using additional tools. You’ll probably spend more time reading through carefully and making the necessary modifications because Facebook’s auto-subtitle generator isn’t the most dependable.


You can upload your video to Flixier, an online video editor, and manually or automatically add subtitles. Even while the accuracy isn’t as high as on YouTube, you can review the automatically created subtitles and make any necessary modifications. For better synchronisation, you can alter both the font style and the time of the subtitle texts.


Many video producers utilise Lumen5 to reliably generate subtitles for their little videos so they can post them on social media. Additionally, you can add subtitles and choose when they display. Simply upload your movie, create subtitles, and make any necessary edits to receive the edited version.

A happy writer

With an accuracy rate of 85%, Happy Scribe is quickly gaining popularity. A video’s transcription can be created in a matter of minutes. Both your PC and well-known internet video hosting services allow you to upload videos. Any errors in the automatically created subtitles can be fixed using a dedicated subtitle editor. Subtitles in many different world languages are supported by the platform.


You may automatically add captions and subtitles to videos using Amara, a specialised subtitle generator. The platform is appropriate for both solitary and collaborative work. If money is not an issue, you may also hire expert subtitle services. The user interface is simple to use, and the background engine is strong enough to quickly generate subtitles.


Another video editor that has the capability of creating captions and subtitles automatically for your video is VEED.IO. The programme creates the transcription after dividing the video file into its audio and video portions. You can review the transcription to make any necessary corrections and to proofread it. In addition, you may choose the text styles to show it on your video.


Last but not least, because it can produce subtitles in a matter of seconds as opposed to minutes like other automatic subtitle generators, SubtitleBee is unquestionably one of the most potent ones. Basic video editing features and video customisation to fit various social media video formats are also available. You can check out the free trial before buying the premium edition of the programme, which offers subtitles in more than 100 languages.


Poodll allows you the possibility to create your own audio and video recordings’ subtitles. It offers a broad variety of pricing options and at least 50 different languages for you to pick from. Regardless of whether you want to automatically generate or manually compose your captions, feel free to select whichever option best suits your needs.

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