Indian tycoon Gautam Adani became the second richest person in the world

India’s billionaire businessman Gautam Adani has become the second richest person in the world, overtaking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Elon Musk took the title of the richest person in the world from Jeff Bezos last year.

According to the Forbes Realtime Billionaires List, the 60-year-old chairman of Adani Group, Gautam Adani, has a total wealth of $155.5 billion. He owns several businesses like coal production, infrastructure, and thermal power generation.

The Indian business tycoon’s company has grown at an impressive pace this year, becoming the first Asian to make it to the top three in the list of global billionaires, ranking 14th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index at the start of the year.

Adani is also the owner of the country’s largest private port operator, which plans to expand its growing air operations, according to a report in the Indian journal Quartz India.

Gautam Adani became the second-richest person this week after shares in Adani Enterprises Ltd rose to a record high, with some of his companies up more than 1,000 percent since 2020, according to a Bloomberg report.

Adani Enterprises Ltd

According to a Bloomberg report, there is a $100 billion gap between the wealth of Gautam Adani and Elon Musk, the world’s richest man.

As the Tesla founder and tech tycoon are said to have a net worth of $260 billion.

Jeff Bezos’ return to his long-held title as richest man is proving to be a tough challenge as the gap between his wealth and that of his rivals widens, according to a new tech sale in New York on Friday. Later, the total value of his wealth had fallen to 145.8 billion dollars.

The honor of the second-richest person could once again go to an American billionaire as his net worth is largely tied to Amazon shares, which have fallen more than 26 percent this year.

Gautam Adani’s rise up the rankings began in February this year when he was reported to have become Asia’s richest man. Earlier this honor was held by India’s Mukesh Ambani.

Then in April he joined the small elite club of entrepreneurs whose net worth is classified as a billionaire, and then in the summer he joined Microsoft founder Bill Gates and France’s Also surpassed Bernard Arnault.

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