Why is LimeTorrent not working?

Limetorrents, a well-known and reliable torrent website, is a verified torrent supplier with many different categories of movies, TV series, apps, games, audio files, e-books, and more. Owing to concerns about copyright infringement, numerous nations, including the US, UK, Australia, and India, have outlawed the use of BitTorrent due to its gathering of both premium pirated material and free-legal content. As a result, a lot of people are perplexed about what happened to Limetorrents and want to know what Limetorrents’ alternatives are. To learn more about the same, read this article to the end.


Not all of the material on Limetorrent is copyright protected, as was previously stated. The majority of it is disseminated lawfully and is safe to download, however, some of it could have copyright problems. Because LimeTorrent is legal in their country, people from all around the world may use these torrent sites. Even if LimeTorrent is prohibited in your country, you may still access it and utilize its services by unblocking it. The issue of banning LimeTorrent may be resolved by using VPN software or a Virtual Private Network. Consequently, it becomes available to everyone.

What is a VPN?

A server or a set of servers at a distant location that you may connect to via a client is referred to as a VPN or virtual private network. Your Internet-bound IP address is then automatically hidden by the VPN. For instance, your IP address would be the same if you were connected to a VPN in Germany. Therefore, a VPN will:

  • let you access websites that are banned by location
  • shield you from monitoring
  • hide your browsing activity
  • filter internet traffic using its secure service.
  • Secure your internet access

It depends on the VPN provider providing the service whether the connection between your computer and the VPN server through the client is typically safe to the tune of 256-bit encryption levels. Additionally, most operating systems provide a network feature that allows users to connect to a VPN. Therefore, you may connect to a VPN using the built-in Windows 10, Linux, or macOS alternatives if you have the network and connection information for it.

You may now access the banned Limetorrents using the techniques listed below. Pay close attention to the directions.

1st Way: Utilize proxy websites

Using its proxy services, which provide access to the official LimeTorrents site via another unblocked domain, you may simply access the LimeTorrents site while it is banned.

Note that no VPN is used by this technique. However, since there is always a chance of copyright violations, it is not safe to download any material from any torrent site without a VPN. Therefore, it might reveal you are true location using your IP address. Therefore, it is advised to access torrent sites via a reliable VPN service.

  • Launch your preferred browser, enter “LimeTorrents,” and click the first link that appears.
  • You may then download the necessary files from the original LimeTorrents website.

2nd Way: Use the Opera browser

Use the Opera browser

Using Opera Web Browser, which has a built-in VPN with several location choices to select from, is perhaps the best, free & easy method to access the prohibited Limetorrent site. Consequently, you will be able to access LimeTorrents and get a resolution to the problem with LimeTorrents.

  1. Install the Opera web browser.
  2. Next, open the Opera web browser.
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu in the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. In the Settings section, under Privacy & Security, click Enable in Settings.
  5. At this point, turn the VPN Enable option on.
  6. Select the VPN option by clicking the button in the top-left corner of the screen.
  7. If you see VPN Connected, the service is active and the VPN is connected.

Although Opera will automatically connect to the best location, users may pick the location of their choosing by doing so from the drop-down option under Virtual location.

  1. Go to DuckDuckGo by clicking the plus symbol to start a new tab.
  2. Search Limetorrents and choose the first result, as shown.

You may now visit the LimeTorrents website.

3rd Way: Use of Psiphon

Use of Psiphon

You may access the website with Psiphon if you are aware of what happened to LimeTorrents. Psiphon is a method for getting around censorship. It is intended to provide access to the unrestricted internet, bypassing firewalls and censors. It was created in Toronto, Canada, and is open-source.

  1. Go to the Psiphon official website and choose to Get Psiphon.
  2. As seen below, scroll down and choose the Psiphon for Windows option.
  3. Psiphon3’s portable version will be downloaded.
  4. To launch Psiphon, double-click the downloaded file.
  5. It will automatically connect to the highest-performing servers when it launches.

Note: The drop-down option below allows you to manually choose the server region.

  1. If PSIPHON IS CONNECTED is shown, the device is linked to the server.
  2. Go to DuckDuckGo in any browser now.
  3. Search LimeTorrents here and click the first or second link like you did previously.

Alternatives to LimeTorrents

Given what occurred to LimeTorrents, here are some of the finest LimeTorrent site alternatives in case none of the aforementioned solutions work to unblock LimeTorrents.

The Pirate Bay

It is regarded as the most durable BitTorrent site on the whole planet. The highly well-known torrent website Pirate Bay provides a tonne of free stuff, such as games, apps, movies, TV series, music, photos, etc. However, proceed with caution while downloading anything from there since not all of the materials are free.

The Pirate Bay’s proxy URLs are as follows:


1337X is a fantastic substitute for LimeTorrents, with a huge selection. It is well-liked by its consumers all around the globe due to the most recent movie material it offers.

Hunt ISO

Another well-known and established torrent site is ISO Hunt. Although it has material from practically all genres, apps and games are the main focus.


RARGB offers a variety of genres, although it is more well-known for providing the newest films, web series, and TV episodes.

Note: You may download VPNs that are great for torrenting if none of these torrent sites work. For more information, see the 15 Best VPNs for Google Chrome to Unblock Blocked Websites.

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We hope that this information was useful and that you were able to discover what happened to LimeTorrents and its replacement. Tell us which approach you found to be most effective. Please feel free to leave any questions or remarks in the comments area.

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