Top 26 Tycoon Games on Roblox

We have no doubt that Roblox is well-known and loved by all of you. Who wouldn’t want to show off their custom video games on a platform that encourages out-of-the-box thinking? Accessible to users of all ages, the site serves as a hub for game developers and a sandbox for those eager to test their managerial mettle.

It’s often believed that kids may only use this site. Although there are plenty of kid-friendly games on Roblox, we thought it would be helpful to develop a list of some of the finest tycoon games for adults to play as well. Keep your wits about you as we first establish the exclusive genre which is Roblox tycoon games.

Top 26 Tycoon Games on Roblox

There are thousands of games available on the Roblox platform, including action games, simulation games, horror games, adventure games, racing games, shooting games, and social games. Other than this, Roblox is rife with tycoon simulations. Whether your gaming expertise is in running a tropical resort or a retail establishment, you’ll find a suitable game here. These are just a few examples of the many popular games available on Roblox, where you may play the role of the business owner at a restaurant, garage, or another establishment. You’ll get the idea after reading our roundup of the best tycoon games available on Roblox.

1. Hospital Tycoon

Hospital Tycoon

With its recent release, Hospital Tycoon has quickly become one of Roblox’s most popular tycoon games, and the game’s popularity is only expected to grow with the release of a brand-new Christmas update, complete with festive cosmetics and merchandise.

  • If you like building and planning your tycoon games, then you’ll love Hospital Tycoon.
  • As you manage the greatest hospital on the server, you’ll get access to more facilities and more advanced medical equipment, meet new patients, solve their issues, and have a great time with your pals.
  • There is no real competition; rather, the objective is to amass as much wealth as possible. Private servers are available in this game rather than using the slower, more crowded public ones.

2. Car Dealership Tycoon

Car Dealership Tycoon

Among these games, Car Dealership Tycoon is the most realistic option.

  • In place of superheroes and anime characters, you’ll find yourself in the role of a car salesperson.
  • The game’s recent success may be attributed to the addition of a Winter-themed Ice Race event.
  • This is an excellent reference for anybody interested in opening, growing, and managing a dealership.
  • You may choose from a wide variety of vehicles and paint schemes.

3. Retail Tycoon

Retail Tycoon

Roblox’s Retail Tycoon is another great tycoon game.

  • You’ll need to buy a vacant lot on which to construct your shop.
  • After you’ve got that out of the way, you can get to work making shelves and stocking them with the merchandise.
  • Maintain regular rack replacement and, as your company expands, hire more specialists to assist with a wide range of jobs.
  • Employees may have positions such as cashiers, cooks, cleaners, stockers, or security guards.
  • Customers and potential burglars are both likely to stop by your shop.
  • Customers are the ones that spend money in your shop and provide feedback on the items they purchase. If they can’t find what they’re seeking or the queues are too lengthy, they’ll go elsewhere.

4. Gym Tycoon

Gym Tycoon

The present game is the culmination of the vast library of gym tycoon games available on Roblox, and as such, it is widely considered to be one of the greatest tycoon games available there.

  • There isn’t much to it: just to the gym, bulk up, make some cash, and eventually take over the greatest gym on the server.
  • The more you exercise, the more money you’ll make.
  • You’ll start as a regular Roblox user, squatting with little weights on the beach, but after a few hours, you’ll have bulked up, bought the better gear, and be ready to show off to the other users on the site.
  • Start pumping iron because, in Gym Tycoon, you get paid to play!

5. Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2

When discussing the finest tycoon games available on Roblox, we are always up for some amusement park antics. One of the most popular tycoon games on Roblox is Theme Park Tycoon 2.

  • Play the part of the theme park’s management and come up with strategies to boost attendance and income.
  • We all need money, so although the amusement park may be a lot of fun, don’t forget to pull some threads to persuade customers to shell out their cash.
  • With 44 rides, many slide booths, and a wide variety of other options, your theme park is only limited by your imagination. Having a lot of them is preferable.

6. Anime Tycoon

Anime Tycoon

Would you say that anime is your cup of tea? If you’re a fan of anime, you should play Anime Tycoon.

  • To win, you need to gather as many anime characters as possible.
  • Buying and selling characters may help expand your anime business and provide you with a steady stream of income.
  • You may take control of popular anime personalities like Deku, Goku, and Naruto.
  • To put your new characters’ swords and spells to the test, there are bouts with non-playable characters.

7. Pyramid Tycoon

Pyramid Tycoon

You may live the life of a powerful pharaoh in The Pyramid Tycoon by constructing a thriving pyramid from the ground up.

  • You start with little more than a single hopper and a small amount of seed money, but with time, your business will expand into a massive empire from which you may build a pyramid.
  • When you’ve earned some downtime, take a stroll around the perimeter of your pyramid to take stock of your achievements and ask colleagues and rivals to do the same.

8. Dungeon Quest Tycoon

Dungeon Quest Tycoon

The diablo series and Gauntlet served as inspiration for this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

  • You go into dungeons, get loot, improve your inventory, and then go back into dungeons.
  • Superior to other massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), the game stands out because of its amazing aesthetics.
  • Dungeon Quest is less intimidating to newcomers than games like World of Warcraft, and it provides a variety of equipment and maps, but it isn’t for everyone.
  • The game is great for both newcomers and veterans of the genre of “hack and slash” because of its balanced mix of strategy and action, despite its fast-paced nature.
  • It’s a one-of-a-kind production, fully animated, and beautifully made.
  • Single- and multiplayer forms of play are equally enjoyable.
  • Together, you can’t stop playing for a long time.

9. Military Tycoon

Military Tycoon

By its nature, InfinityInteractive’s Military Tycoon is a unique first-person shooter that calls for even more strategic planning than is typical in the genre.

  • Creating an army and a stronghold is the cornerstone of any plan to achieve global control in a virtual world.
  • Players of military video games may choose their starting nation and strive for world supremacy.
  • Players may employ warfare and dominance to fight other players, capture oil rigs, and boost their nation’s economy, but they must first earn money to build a base, enlist soldiers, and deploy vehicles like helicopters, tanks, and boats.

10. Pizza Place Tycoon

Pizza Place Tycoon

You probably already know the answer: in Pizza Place Tycoon, you must work for a pizza joint.

  • This intriguing game lets you choose from a wide range of interesting occupations. You may choose anybody from management to a supplier to a cashier to a pizza boxer to a delivery guy.
  • Store profits may be maximized by looking at things from a variety of angles.
  • If you’re looking for something fun to do on Roblox, look no further.

11. Millionaire Empire Tycoon

Millionaire Empire Tycoon

The goal of Millionaire Empire Tycoon, developed by EQ Productions, is to amass wealth and build an imposing skyscraper from a little outpost.

  • Robloxians will have to defend their growing kingdom from rival players.
  • The more money they make, the better weapons and defenses they can afford.
  • To keep making money, players must maintain their conveyor belts with upgrades.
  • Play with your buddies and see who can establish the strongest empire on the server.
  • Richest Man in the World
  • Earn as much cash as you can to win Millionaire: Empire Tycoon.

12. Mint Tycoon

Mint Tycoon

The basic goal of the Mint Tycoon game is, of course, to establish and manage your mint.

  • You will accomplish this from the get-go, and you will have several possibilities. You will want to industrialize a wide variety of monetary forms and then exchange them freely with one another.
  • However, exercise caution since a break-in to your vault is possible, perhaps resulting in the loss of your money.
  • You may either be a law-abiding citizen who takes precautions to ensure that their vault is always safe from intrusion, or you can join the ranks of the criminal underworld and steal money from the innocent. You must devise your strategy to increase your savings.

13. Big City Tycoon

Big City Tycoon

Ready, Set, and more! presents Big City Tycoon. is a tycoon game that allows for extensive multiplayer roleplaying.

  • City Tycoon’s vast maps are perfect for exploring, finding hidden treasures, and building an empire.
  • Players can take charge by constructing their properties and watching their empires grow.
  • Players can save up enough money to buy vehicles, which makes navigating the map much simpler.

14. Airport Tycoon

Airport Tycoon

Airport Tycoon‘s objective is the administration of a massive airport.

  • The game is constantly updated with new playable planes, cosmetics, and structures.
  • Aside from managing the airport, you may also fly aircraft on thrilling journeys to and from it.
  • Recent updates have included several additional aircraft, attractions (including a promenade and a Ferris wheel), and exciting places to fly to and explore.

15. Boardwalk Tycoon

Boardwalk Tycoon

So, let’s say you’re in charge of luring people to a beach as the proprietor. I’m not sure how to go about making it happen. The finest Roblox tycoon game for this purpose is Boardwalk Tycoon.

  • Build some stores and shacks, advertise your wares, and watch the customers roll in.
  • Take steps to improve its aesthetic value so that it can attract visitors.
  • After all, an increase in visitors means more revenue.
  • Get a drink and get ready to play one of Roblox’s biggest tycoon games, which enables you to get more licenses to make the game more engaging by constructing unique shops.

16. Mall Tycoon

Mall Tycoon

Roblox players that take pleasure in construction, interior design, and consumer goods will love Mall Tycoon.

  • Mall Tycoon is for you if you like a simulator game where you get to design shopping centers for the enjoyment of your customers and the satisfaction of becoming a mall magnate.
  • Players may design their mall from the ground up, with support for as many as twelve levels and as many as thirty-five well-known stores.
  • Shoppers will make requests of the mall, and the players’ creations will have to reflect their needs.
  • If they do a good job of making their customers happy, they will be rewarded with a huge clientele and a successful company.

17. Superhero Tycoon

Superhero Tycoon

The game Superhero Tycoon was created by superheroes.

  • Buyers and builders alike will enjoy this game.
  • You may choose among heroes including Ant-Man, Batman, Black Panther, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman, The Flash, The Hulk, and Thor.
  • You’ll need to change your mindset completely to appreciate this game, as it puts your analytical and strategic abilities to the test.
  • This begs the question: • What can we anticipate? To earn more money in this setting, you’ll need to outperform other players.
  • In addition to gaining access to previously unavailable ensembles, you are free to continue expanding your base, studying new techniques, and purchasing more clothing.
  • Your persona may be tailored to your preferences, and there is a plethora of unlockable improvements.
  • Crates of cash and weapons rain down from the sky at irregular intervals.

18. Summoner Tycoon

Summoner Tycoon

Summoner Tycoon is one of the top tycoon games available on Roblox.

  • Use your armed forces to scavenge from the monsters.
  • Use the spoils to upgrade your gigantic mogul, stock up on weaponry, and build up an impressive collection of legends.
  • You may increase your legendry’s damage output with the use of purchased spells.
  • If you’re looking for more legendary action, this is the game to play, since it consists mostly of a single rule that generates a high-energy experience.
  • By improving the tycoon, you can have access to new weapons and treasures that you may use to defeat fresh waves of foes.
  • Defeat your enemies with the weapon at your disposal. As you go, your companions will open fire on anybody who comes within range.

19. Navy War Tycoon

Navy War Tycoon

It’s not easy to amass a fleet of ships, but in Navy War Tycoon you may lead an army and wage war against your opponents’ Oil Rags.

  • One of your main objectives will be to build the strongest and biggest fleet on the server. Do you have what it takes to become the finest admiral in the world?
  • Choose a nation to start.
  • Once that’s done, you may start enhancing your buildings and sending out your fleet on occasional raids.
  • As you level up, you’ll take control of a massive navy of aircraft carriers and destroyers.

20. Clone Tycoon 2

Clone Tycoon 2

This game is the developer’s follow-up to the original Clone Tycoon.

  • In Clone Tycoon 2, you may decide how you go out of existence by eliminating your fellow clones.
  • Money gained from eliminating other players’ clones may be used to further develop your tycoon and fortify your clones.
  • When you already have a sizable army, why do you think you’d need additional soldiers? At the beginning of the game, your clone army is small, but as you go, it grows.
  • As you rise in rank, you’ll have access to better equipment and transportation.
  • You may try out various approaches to the game thanks to the game’s three save slots.
  • In addition to gaining awards and items, you may also get access to this feature by eliminating your clones.

21. School Tycoon

School Tycoon

Are you keen on working in educational leadership? Then you need to add School Tycoon to your wish list.

  • As a newly appointed principal in School Tycoon, it will be your job to keep the school running well, including keeping an eye on instructors to make sure all students are receiving instruction and janitors to keep things tidy.
  • Having a larger student body will increase your income, allowing you to make improvements to the facility, purchase new uniforms, and better organize the kids’ daily routines.
  • Construct as many stories as you want, each with its grade rooms, lockers, outside trees, and a workspace that you design.

22. Restaurant Tycoon

Restaurant Tycoon

Aspire to own your eatery someday? Here’s your chance to show off your skills as a hotel manager. Therefore, Restaurant Tycoon is among the top tycoon games on Roblox.

  • In this straightforward and rational game, you design and improve a restaurant, and it is up to you whether you start from scratch or make use of the game’s many ready-madfoodds service establishments.
  • Having more options and more say over what you offer can increase client happiness and, in turn, your profits as you go up the food chain.
  • This is one of the best tycoon games on Roblox since there is so much to do and it never gets boring.

23. City Life Tycoon

City Life Tycoon

Like other tycoon games, your goal in City Life Tycoon is to expand your current metropolis.

  • In City Life Tycoon, you and your buddies may construct a city and welcome whatever guests you choose.
  • You have a lot of leeway in the game and can even outsource the management of your buildings to other players.
  • Even though you begin on a small island with few other players, you may soon lay down roads and build buildings from the ground up, limited only by your creativity.
  • Take a joyride in your dream automobile or a helicopter over your finished work to relieve tension.
  • You’re free to fill open positions with anybody you like.
  • Make urban plans and have them carried out by the staff at your disposal.

24. Space Mining Tycoon

Space Mining Tycoon

People often advise that you should “travel to the moon and back,” but why not go a bit farther beyond what the naked eye can pick up? Yes, this is your own space, my buddy. To that end, Space Mining Tycoon is among the finest examples of the genre available on Roblox.

  • You’ll need to dig up some ores if you want to make any headway in this game.
  • Meeting new people is a great way to come up with ideas for a fun and thrilling space adventure and to collaborate on one with other people.
  • You can go to other worlds and learn more about them than you ever thought possible.

Are you prepared for Space Mining Tycoon’s intergalactic adventure? But we’ll see you on the other side.

25. Olympian God Tycoon

Olympian God Tycoon

What about taking up the role of God? Olympian God Tycoon is an exciting game that you have to try.

  • Playing as one of the six Greek gods, your mission in Olympian Gods Tycoon is to build a temple to amass a fortune.
  • The goal of the game is to level up and get better weapons armormour so you can better compete with other players.
  • As your temple is improved, you will have access to new abilities and be able to sthemure it with the help of hired guards.
  • Defeat Kronos, the Titan king, if you have sufficient strength.

26. Tiny Town Tycoon

Tiny Town Tycoon

Tiny Town Tycoon is a great alternative for those who have played and liked City Life Tycoon.

  • If you don’t need to move about in a massive metropolis, Tiny Town Tycoon puts you in a miniature perspective to explore a little downtown.
  • You can see your people mature as you build infrastructure and meet their needs.
  • You begin with a single block and build up streets, homes, and structures to create a little city.
  • More individuals will come and choose to dwell in the city if more time is spent improving it.

The gaming platform Roblox is rather a niche, so if you’re here for the first time learning about its games, we hope this post has pointed you in the direction of some of the greatest Roblox Tycoon games. Leave a comment below and tell us about your gaming experiences. You may also tell us what you’d like to see us talk about in the future by suggesting potential subjects. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Roblox games.

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